In a complex chain of River Hotel and Restaurant, we also have a Floating Restaurant with special and unique design at Ha Tien Town along with Giang Thanh River

    With professional chief cook, Guest can enjoy various cuisine with the characteristics of each region in whole country. Specially at night, Our Floating Restaurant named “ Ha Tien Pearl ” with twinkle, colorful light to brighten up an area of Giang Thanh poetic river Bank

    On the Top floor of Floating Restaurant we spcially serve drinks; nothing is more interesting than having a cup of coffee with the moreish flavor of the country in a large poetic airy space. On the Top floor of Floating Restaurant on fullmoon night, Guests will be able to enjoy the beauty of brighting moon at night, twinkle water surface reflecting thousand of glistening silver light, which was composed in “ Đông Hồ Ấn Nguyệt” poem by Mac Thien Tich Military Governor, one of 10 special sightseeing 


    Coming to River Hotel Ha Tien, Guests will have many choices for entertainments and relax after a long tired journey. Guests enjoy a cup of coffee at the bank of Giang Thanh river of River Hotel. With various drinks, suitable price, enthusiasm and friendly employees and airy space at the bank of Giang Thanh poetic river, Guests can not only enjoy tasty drinks with lots of nutrition, moreish flavor of the country but also enjoy sea wind blowing gently. It helps Guests feel comfortable and dispel all tiredness after a long journey


Located on To Chau dock

Capacity: 200 peoples

Menu: Alacarte, coffee, tea, soft drinks, fruit juice, ice cream, Cocktails & wine.

Setup: Chit chat coffee, Romantic candle light, Cocktail party, Outdoor event.

Open from 6:00am to 10:00pm