River Hotel – 4 stars unique in Hà Tiên-is continually developing to bring guests new and strange services and bring guests lots of memorable experiences; Beside 81 clean, luxury and  comfortable rooms, we also have ecological tour Trẻ Vĩnh Island “ Hải Tặc archipelago” and other attractive services to serve guests when coming to Hà Tiên

   Ecological tour Tre Vinh Island with the area 70,649 m2 ( belong to Hai Tac archipelago ) located at the pole of the South – Western of Nation, next to the border of Cambodia, located 19 kilometers from the South – West,  is 1 of the Islands ( belong to Hai Tac archipelago ) and located between Ha Tien Town and Phu Quoc Island. Formerly Hai Tac archipelago has a long period to dominate of bandits “ BLACK SAIL” offshore Ha Tien and Thailand gulf in late 19th century and early 20th century. A legendary story about the treasure of bandits Black Sail was buried on Hai Tac archipelago. Today it becomes a mysterious story about the treasure of bandits-Black Sail, a secret going to legend. Hai Tac Archipelago gone by with the rise and fall and the changes of history , it firmly stand as a raw twinkle pearl among the ocean and it’s very poetic, peaceful, wild with beautiful beach, white sand and blue water. Guests can take sea bath, dive to see corals and other marine creatures.

   Guests can relax, take pictures and freely discover The Island. Beside Ecological tour package, River Hotel also has other attractive services to serve guests as fishing, fishing squids, being a fisherman, visiting feeding fish rafts and other Hai Tac Island, sleeping at night at Tre Vinh Island, Grilling fresh sea food, enjoying special Island wine, beer, or other softdrink ……

             + 7:30 a.m  :  Depart at River Hotel.

             + 8:10 a.m  :  Arriver at Tre Vinh Island.

             After stepping on, all guest can freely visit and discover Tre Vinh Island with te enthusiastic and thoughtful tour guides and It takes only about 45 - 60 minutes for travelling around the Island.

             + 11:30 a.m - 12: 30 a.m : Have lunch at restaurant system of Tre Vinh Island. All guests will have chance to enjoy special foods of Tre Vinh Island here.

             After 12:30 : All guests can join in the interesting activities at Tre Vinh Island such as: sea bath, diving to see coral, fishing, visiting floating and feedng fish villages or becoming fisherman to catch fishes.

           + 4:30 p.m  : Leaver Tre Vinh Island.

Before leaving all guests can come to Tre Vinh souvenir shop to choose speacial gift of Tre Vinh Archipelago as souvenirs.

        +  Children under 6 years old have to pay 40% extra-payment of an Adult ( About 199,600 VND).

        +  Children from 6 to 11 years old have to pay 60% extra-payment of an adult ( About 299,400 VND).

        +  Children over 12 years old consider as an adult.

        +  2 bottles of mineral water.

        +  2 towels.


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